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Dentistry Without Fear at Rockwell Dentistry

Sep 12

Many people in the United States fear going to the dentist.  This fear is called dentophobia. Research done at The Cleveland Clinic states that there are many areas of dentistry in Middletown Township, NJ that cause these fears.  Some people become anxious at the sound of the drill and the smells that come out during drilling.  Other people already have a fear of blood before they ever see a dentist. A lot of people have a fear of needles.  Some people fear the anesthetic won’t work and will feel everything.  Often people are afraid of gagging or choking.  These are valid fears in the patient's mind, but they can be overcome through visiting Dentist in Middletown Township.

Sedation Solutions

At Rockwell Dentistry, the doctors and staff worry about their patients’ comfort as much as the patient does.  Because of that, these Middletown dentists provide three different forms of sedation to make sure that you don’t feel anxiety and that you don’t feel pain.

Nitrous Oxide

Dentists have been using nitrous oxide gas since 1844. You may have heard older family members call it laughing gas. You might have giggle fits, so it’s no wonder they call it laughing gas. Our dentist in Middletown uses nitrous oxide for minor dental procedures like a regular cleaning appointment or a simple filling.

Oral Conscious Sedation

The second kind of sedation used at the best dentist in Middletown is oral conscious sedation. You are conscious, just like you are conscious of laughing gas. Our Middletown dentists will give oral medications that make you feel relaxed and tired. You might even fall asleep. Rockwell Dentistry is never left alone when you have oral sedation. We monitor you every minute.

IV Sedation

This kind of sedation is administered through an IV needle in your arm. You are not conscious of this kind of sedation. Your vital signs will be monitored throughout the procedure.  

At Rockwell Dentist in Middletown, we ensure patients understand it takes time for IV sedation to wear off.  We will make sure you are completely conscious before you leave.

With all these choices for comfortable dentistry, there is no reason to fear going to the dentist any longer.  At Rockwell Dentistry, the best dentist in Middletown, we will care for you like your family.

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